Neil Young - A Letter Home

Neil comes fresh from wanting everybody to buy his new MP3 device in order to hear albums as they were meant to, like, hear albums as if you were in the studio. He releases his hardware and it looks like a tube of toblerone chocolate, but is a very nice device indeed, packing in some impressive components. 'A Letter Home' then is of course a bunch of ancient and often random songs, deliberately recorded to sound like it was recorded not even on magnetic tape, but on something made by Thomas Edison! We have crackles, and harmonica and something Dylan would have recorded in 1960, three years before he was famous. Yet, this is Neil Young. Almost everything he does, even if it is absolutely rubbish and largely lacking in any artistic merit - fascinates. 'A Letter Home' flowing from the Dylan cover 'Girl From The North Country' towards 'Needle Of Death'?

'Needle Of Death' is a song Neil always should have sung - it's a gloriously brilliant song from one of the UK's finest ever folk song-writers - Bert Jansch. Bert basically invented Paul Simon - the Paul of his Simon and Garfunkel days. Without Bert - beautiful British name - there would be almost no anything in singer-songwriter terms. Neil tackles 'Needle Of Death' fantastically, sounding like he is about to die any moment - that is the Neil Young I love. Neil also sings 'Crazy' - yes, that one. He sings 'Reason To Believe', yet another fantastic song. He then sings a bunch of other fairly forgettable songs to finish off this album set - a very weird album set that has really no goodly reason to actually exist. I mean, Neil? Neil??? Really??????

A Letter Home Intro / Changes / Girl from the North Country / Needle of Death / Early Morning Rain / Crazy / Reason to Believe / On the Road Again / If You Could Read My Mind / Since I Met You Baby / My Hometown / I Wonder If I Care as Much

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