Bruce Springsteen - Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ/The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle

Greetings is a delve into the mind of a creative young man full of potential and confidence. Bruce showcases his phenomenal song writing ability throughout the album. One thing that is easy to notice is how specific and clever his lyrical ability can be at times. Most lyrics revolve around his childhood and growing up in New Jersey. This is why it is one of my favorite albums of his. He didn’t have a lot to write about at the time as he was very young and had not been through a lot. But he still manages to create amazing stories.

On the opener, “Blinded by the Light” it seems as if he is talking about nonsense stating, “Madman drummers – and Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat” when really he is referencing Vini Lopez, his recreational baseball team, the Indians, and himself being the teenage diplomat. Most of the songs on this album are fun and have great summer time lyrics. On the other hand you will reach songs like “Lost in the Flood” (the best song on the album) which is very serious and contains some of his greatest writing to date.

There are imperfections on this album, but I think that makes it what it truly is. A young songwriter taking his first steps into the industry. The energy he has throughout lets you look past the lack luster production as he takes your breath away with genius lyrics again and again, just as he does on Born to Run. The talent is all there, it just hasn’t taken its full form yet. Bruce’s debut album is not just a beginning, it is a triumph by a true artist looking to be taken seriously. Greetings is a key album in Bruce’s discography that cannot be overlooked. It is a perfect start to his long career and has very memorable songs.

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